Why I start to blog about Social Enterprise

I’ve always been a dreamer and a doer, a hands-on guy and a philosopher, a technology consultant and a strategist. I like thinking of what is ahead, anticipating on what’s next. I guess this is what drives me, the excitement about what is coming and of what can be done. Designing the future using the ‘Art of the Possible’. Innovative new concepts made real. I am always looking for improvement, making things better. In my personal life and in my work. In how business uses technology as well as in trying to make this world a better place. I believe that my ‘purpose in live’ is to add value to my environment, ‘to leave this place behind better than how I found it’.


The last ten years of my career I teamed with the large IT application vendors: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and more recently salesforce.com. In my job at a global Systems Integrator I worked in roles like alliance manager, sales and delivery manager, principal technology officer and business developer. I was responsible for the Oracle alliance for many years, and more recently I was focusing on how cloud computing impacts the business and IT landscapes of enterprise organizations. In my current role I focus on how the ‘new kid on the block of large enterprise IT: Salesforce.com’ changes the game.

It is with a lot of passion that I do this job. As I mentioned: I love ‘business technology strategy’ and I am passionate about the paradigm shift coming over us, caused by the impact of social media-like technology. I believe this will change the way large companies work and affect all of us in the industry of Business and IT.

The concept of ‘Social Enterprise’ as introduced by salesforce.com in 2011 is an impressive strategy. It both, anticipates and addresses the way businesses are changing. I believe that Social Enterprise is a new paradigm and that salesforce.com is a trend setter, a the game changer.

In this blog I will share my thoughts on my ‘reading the signs of the times’, elaborating about technology. I’ll share best practices and my personal point of view. I may not always be right, but hey: this is a blog… We are all on this trip, on a journey to challenging and exciting new possibilities. Nobody knows the future, we can’t exactly predict what will happen, but what we can do is identify trends and new developments. We should not only watch what’s going on as a spectator, but more important: embark on this journey: benefit from new possibilities, introduce new business models, address opportunities, counter challenges, make use of what is available now and thus create more value.

Yes, in this blog we will talk about creating value. That is where it’s all about, the value of smooth running businesses, cut costs, make more money, make life easier, do things faster, delight our customers. Make life worth living both in business as in a larger context of humanity. We will also touch the subject of CSR 2.0, Social Business, Inclusive Business, “Social Enterprise with a capitol S”, because I think that we should leave things behind better than we found it.

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