The Ripple Effect of Social HR

About cause and effect in HR Solution Vendors, the acquisition of Rypple by seen in a larger perspective. From old fashioned On-Premise Client-Server Applications to Cloud-based SaaS solutions to innovative Social Apps.

About On-Premise, On-Demand, Cloud and Social:

  • Classical SAP and Oracle Applications are born Client Server Technology
  • SAP On-Demand and Oracle Fusion are or will be available in the Cloud
  • Workday, SuccessFactors and Taleo are Born in the Cloud
  • is Cloud Born, and ‘Reborn Social’
  • Rypple is Born Social, is Born Social

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3 Responses to The Ripple Effect of Social HR

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  2. Peter Speleers says:

    There is more relevant people info from your tem on linedin than there is in most hr systems.
    This fact creates opportunities ..

    • bleenman says:

      I agree!
      Add to that the availability of the same flexible platforms as LinkedIn and Facebook within your enterprise organization and design the system to comply with your strategic and tactical goals and way you go…

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