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The Ripple Effect of Social HR

About cause and effect in HR Solution Vendors, the acquisition of Rypple by seen in a larger perspective. From old fashioned On-Premise Client-Server Applications to Cloud-based SaaS solutions to innovative Social Apps. (Cause) Dave Duffield forms PeopleSoft (Cause) Craig Conway becomes PeopleSoft CEO … Continue reading

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Introduction to ‘Social Enterprise’

When starting an international blog, there are many things to reckon with. Words and expressions can have different meanings in other countries or cultures. This is the case with the word Social. Discussing the term Social Enterprise with e.g. my … Continue reading

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Why I start to blog about Social Enterprise

I’ve always been a dreamer and a doer, a hands-on guy and a philosopher, a technology consultant and a strategist. I like thinking of what is ahead, anticipating on what’s next. I guess this is what drives me, the excitement … Continue reading

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